Membership Benefits

In order to qualify for a Club Italia membership a person must be of Italian birth or descent, or must be married to a person of Italian birth or descent. Social Membership is also available.

Types of Membership

There are 4 different types of Club Italia memberships as follows:

  • Member – must be over the age of 18 years and must be a member in good standing with the Order and with the mutual benefit society of the Order Sons of Italy of Canada. Current members in good standing – regardless of which family individual is a member – all relatives within that family (Son, Daughter, & Grand-children, married or not, living at home or not) are eligible to become members by paying the $50 ($25 over 65) annual fee.
  • Social Member – those who, because of their national origin, are not admitted as active members. They may participate in social, athletic and cultural activities sponsored either by the subordinate lodges or the Grand Lodge. They are entitled to attend meetings of the lodge, but not entitled to participate in the discussion of the lodge without the permission of the Venerable, and not entitled to vote or hold office.
  • Meritorious Member – is one who has received a certificate of Merit from the Grand Lodge.
  • Honorary Member – is one who has received a certificate as an Honorary Member from the Grand Lodge.
Membership Benefits

Club Italia’s membership privileges include the following:

How to Apply

Simply download, print and complete the application form.  Once you have done so, call us at 905-374-7388 to finalize your application and arrange payment with us.