Club Italia Wedding & Conference Centre entrance
Our Mission Statement

Club Italia is dedicated to unite, promote and assist through a common bond of mutual friendship and respect, all Italians of Niagara Falls and the surrounding area.

We strive to achieve these goals by providing and promoting facilities, programs and activities for our members and the community at large through cultural, social, recreational and sports events and initiatives.

Our History
  • The “Order of the Sons of Italy” designation was granted to the club in 1917.
  • The New Charter dated March 3, 1924 was granted to the original Lodge and named “Guglielmo Marconi Lodge 1280”.
  • In 1947, the Lodge number was changed from “No. 1280” to “No. 5”
  • The Marconi Hall started construction in July 1949 on property that was purchased on Magdalen Street in Niagara Falls and was completed by the end of the same year.
  • The decade that followed was of great importance for the Marconi Lodge of Niagara Falls. The hall was continually used by members for sport, social events and entertainment. During the same period, many immigrants who came to Niagara Falls from Italy increased Club Italia’s memberships significantly.
  • At the start of the 1960’s, the organization began to show signs of stagnation which worsened as the decade progressed, and in 1969, the Marconi Hall was sold because there was not sufficient funds to cover expenses and maintenance.
  • The early 1970’s were relatively easy yet passive years for the club in terms of initiatives and activities.
  • A very important turning point for the Marconi Lodge occurred in September of 1977 when the executive made a decision to join forces with a local sport club, Associazione Sportiva Italiana Juventus. They were a group of energetic sportsmen who managed and supported two soccer teams. They also wished to purchase a piece of land to be used as a soccer field, and wished to purchase some kind of building as soon as possible. After these procedings, two things of great importance took place:Most of the members of the Sport Association, in a mass initiation ceremony became members of the Order Sons of Italy Ontario
  • As per agreement, the members voted to give the Marconi Lodge a new name – “Club Italia”
  • In November 1981 a 16 acre parcel of land was purchased on the outskirts of the City of Niagara Falls
  • In the spring of 1983 trees were cut, marshland was filled and leveled, and sod was laid. The roads, the pavilion and the washrooms were then built. On August 14, Phase One of Club Italia Sport and Cultural Centre was officially opened to the public.
  • In September 1983 Phase Two of the project was started: a daring multi-million dollar complex consisting of Banquet Halls, Meeting Rooms, a Lounge, an Indoor Bocce Field, and a modern kitchen facility.
  • On October 16, 1984 the Club was incorporated under the name Club Italia, Niagara, Order Sons of Italy.
  • The official opening of the building was held on December 8, 1984, a day of great pride and joy – the Italian community had shown not only that they had big hearts, but also had the skills, abilities and determination to complete this very large and complex project.

From that important beginning until now, Club Italia has never stopped growing. Social Events, new programs, sports initiatives, and many contributions, donations and fundraising efforts continue to drive the organization forward.