We Care For Niagara

Marco Polo Foundation – Club Italia
Through our Foundation, we are able to assist and we are committed to building a stronger Niagara.

Collaboration has always been at the heart of our club and we are always looking for opportunities to learn more about how we might best serve our customers and our community. We are committed to creating a better future for our community by being involved and making a positive difference. Niagara Falls is our city, our home! Club Italia is made up of 700 plus Members, who care, are passionate and believe in giving back. We focus our support primarily at the community level in the areas of youth, education and social services. If you are interested in requesting support from Club Italia, please email our General Manager at gm@clubitalia.ca

Local Charities Win With Club Italia and Delta Bingo

Delta Bingo & Gaming is extremely proud to support the Niagara community! Funds raised from charitable gaming goes back to the community and helps with a variety of key initiatives. From equipment for hospitals, support to local animal shelters, local sport groups for children and more are just a few to mention. Club Italia values its relationship with Delta Bingo.

Niagara Down Syndrome Christmas Curbside at Club Italia

Santa came out to help Club Italia and the Niagara Down Syndrome.